Blood pressure
Blood_pressureBlood pressure is the pressure of blood against the walls of the arteries. Blood pressure is always measured as two readings the higher (systolic) number represents the pressure while the heart contracts to pump blood to the body (the higher pressure caused as the left ventricle contracts to push blood out of the heart).  The lower (diastolic) number represents the pressure when the heart relaxes between beats (is the pressure in the arteries during the time that the heart is filling with blood). Hypertension puts great strain on the heart and can cause the tiny blood vessels to break and leads to a stroke (This will cause death or paralysis).

A normal healthy person’s blood pressure might be 120 over 80 mm of mercury (mmHg)".  120/80mmHg (read as 120 over 80) 120 is systolic and 80 is diastolic. mmHg (millimeter of mercury). Blood pressure results from two forces heart as pump blood to the arteries and other is the pressure to filling with blood.  High blood pressure [HBP] or Hypertension is one of the major and most common worldwide diseases over the past several decades affecting humans.

Symptoms of Hypertensions are 1)Nose bleeding 2)Bouts of headache, 3) dizziness and fatigue  If in case of high blood pressure the main symptoms are  1) Vomiting 2) Breathing problems 3) Drowsiness 4)Seizures 5) Confusion 6) Restlessness 7) Blood in the urine 8) Moderate chest pain 9) or even defects in vision and at times, Coma.

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Low blood pressure [hypotension]
Low blood pressure is known as hypotension, when a person has a blood pressure reading between 90/60 Systolic blood pressure is less than 90 and diastolic pressure is less than 60 are generally considered as low blood pressure. Blood pressure varies between person to person. Low blood pressure basically affects the blood purification to the heart, and pressure of blood pumping to the body will be low. Low blood pressure can cause heart failure.  Most of the accidents, death is caused because of loss of blood due to sever bleeding and oxygen is not delivered to the brain, and purification of the blood to the brain, heart and skeletal muscle and other organs.
Treatment of Blood Pressure

Get a better treatment from a medical practitioner and regular checkup, take medicine as per the consultation of a qualified medical practitioner, Adopting and developing healthy lifestyle habits are the first step to preventing and controlling high and low blood pressure. Include exercise in the life schedule and control and balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables, using low levels of saturated fat and salt and control the usage of alcohol.

The Stages of Hypertension

Blood pressure (mm Hg)


Less than 120/80


120/80 to 139/89

Pre hypertension

140/90 to 159/99

Stage 1 hypertension

160/100 and higher

Stage 2 hypertension

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