The Ministry of Health [MoH] has been established since 1936, is one of the largest ministries in Kuwait Government and one of the best healthcare network in the Gulf region. The goal behind the origination is to provide better medical facilities and health care services to the nationalities at free of cost. Most of the medical staffs are expatriates from USA, UK, India, Egypt and other Middle east countries.

MOH is working based on three levels, primary, secondary and specialized health centers. Hospitals working based on referrals system. Primary clinics offer medical services including general practitioners, preventive medical care, maternity care, dentistry, pharmacy medicine and pharmaceuticals. Primary health center network is available in all parts of Kuwait and has around 75 clinics are throughout Kuwait.

Secondary health care centers are referrel hospitals providing facilities through 6 major hospitals named Al Amiri, Al Sabah, Al Adan, Al Mubarak Al Kabeer, Farwaniya and Jahra hospitals.
Al Sabah hospital, Al Amiri hospital [22450005], Al Adan hospital [Tel:2394 0600], Al Farwaniya hospital[24888000], Mubarak Al-Kabeer hospital [25311437]and Jahra hospital [24812000]. 4575300. The structure of each one of this hospital include a general hospital, a health centre, specialised clinics and dispensaries. The policy of each hospital is to provide the best possible healthcare to all citizens and residents.

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Third level is specialized hospitals with modern facilities and expert professional staff to specialize in various diseases. Some of these specialized hospitals include the Obstetrics Hospital, Ibn Sina Hospital for neurosurgery, Razi Hospital for burns, and the Kuwait Cancer Control Center for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Specialised Health Centres
The specialised healthcare service centres in Kuwait providing the following facilities

      1. Obstetrics (delivery) hospital: for maternity
      2. Chest hospital: for pulmonary ailments
      3. Psychiatric hospital: for mental disorders
      4. Ibn Sina hospital: for neurosurgery
      5. Razi hospital: for burns
      6. Kuwait Center for Allergies: for allergies
      7. Kuwait Cancer Control Center: for cancer diagnosis and treatment
      8. Hearing Impairments Center: for disorders connected with hearing
      9. Hamed Al-Essa Transplant Center: for organ transplants
      10. Sulaibikhat hospital: for physiotherapy and rehabilitation

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