Kuwait’s modern print media had its origin in the 1920’s. There are many news papers publishing from Kuwait in English and in Arabic, Main newspapers in English are Kuwait Times and Arabic Times and popular Arabic newspapers are Al-Rai Ala-Am (Public Opinion), Al – Qabas (Starbrand), Al-Seyassah (Policy) & Al- Watan. The news papers are private owned and Government publications are disappear and private owned publications are running successfully.  Press law of Kuwait 1961 restricts the press freedom to writing/speaking against the Government. Government owned publications are disappeared and private owned companies are now running successfully. Newspapers form other nations are circulating in Kuwait.

After the Gulf war acquires more freedom to the press, Most of the ruling family members went on exile at the time of war after Kuwait got liberations people showed their hostility and sincerity towards the ruling family and the Government of Kuwait.  Now days we can see most of the editorials are criticizing the governments and government officials, and surprisingly, some reforms have sparked out of these editorials and there are still restrictions on criticizing the ruling family.

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Newspapers published in English include the Kuwait Times, founded in 1961, and the Arab Times, founded in 1977 The Washington Post is also received in Kuwait.
Arabic daily newspapers publishing from Kuwait are Al-Rai Ala-Am (Public Opinion) 1961, Al-Seyassah (Policy), founded in 1965, Al-Qabas (Starbrand) 1972, Arabic newspaper, Al-Watan (The Home-land), started publication in 1974, Al-Anbas (The News) was founded in 1976, other newspapers include Al Dostoor, a general interest publication; and Al Iklisadia, a business publication. Other publications include general interest magazines Al Forgan, Anhaar and Mishkat Al Rai; Al-Nahda, Al-Moukhtalef, OusratyAnnasHayataniaAl-Majales, and Al-Balagh.

Weekly publications include Al-Mousaher, an economic publication; Murat al-Umma (Mirror of the Nations) Al Yaqza (The Awakening), a general and political publication founded in 1966, . Al-Mujtamaa is a weekly Islamic magazine, other magazines include Al-Arabia (Pioneer), founded in 1958.

Other sources of information in Kuwait include the State of Kuwait Official Gazette , a Sunday weekly journal published since 1954 by the Ministry of Information and Kuwait Magazine, published monthly since 1961. The Ministry of Defense publishes a monthly magazine, Homat Alwatan.

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