Liberation_TowerThe Liberation Tower is one of the Landmarks in the history of Kuwait and the monument of the Liberation of Kuwait from seven months Iraqi invasion. The Liberation Tower in Kuwait is the one of the tallest telecommunication towers in the world started construction before Iraqi attack on 2nd August 1990, at the time of war construction delayed and completed in the year 1996. The Telecommunication tower was inaugurated by HH the Amir, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, on March 10, 1996.The Tower is the symbol of Kuwaiti liberation and the unique sign of country's renaissance.. Previously, it was called The Kuwait Telecommunication Tower. After the Kuwait liberation from Iraq the tower was renamed as The Liberation Tower.

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The Kuwait Liberation Tower is forty meter taller than Eiffel Tower, and has 372 meter height (1,220 ft) at its pinnacle. And the roof of the second pod on the tower is 308 meters height (1,010 ft.), it contain a revolving restaurant, observation platform, telecommunications equipment and similar architecture. This tower has now become a symbol of Kuwait’s liberty. The structure front elevation is made up of ceramic tiles on the frontage from the base to the first lowest level, which is about 308 meters above the ground. The tower and the Telecommunication compound are divided into three working areas include a public communications center, revolving observation level and the restaurant, and the adjoining plant and equipment structure. There are 18 elevators in this tower. These can carry you up and down in no time. Two of them are enclosed with glass and can accommodate 21 passengers. They are regarded as the fastest in the world at notching up speeds of about 6.3 meters per second. There are six floors of offices set up above the revolving mezzanine floor.

They are also among the fastest in the world at 6.3 meters per second. Above the revolving mezzanine, six floors of offices with a total floor space of 12,000 sq m rise up and out in a section encased in anodized aluminum, designed to withstand Kuwait's extreme temperatures.

Visitors are not allowed to Liberation tower because of security problems, before it was opened to visitors.

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