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Kuwait_towersThe Kuwait Towers are three tall towers consists of Main Tower, Middle Tower and Small Tower built in 1975 and inaugurated in 1979 located on the Arabian Gulf in the area of Sharq, Kuwait City. The towers were designed by a Sune Lindstrom and Malene Bjone of Swedish company and executed by an Energoprojekt, Yugoslavia Company.

The Main Tower is 187 meter above sea level and comprises two balls. The ground floor comprises the external applications and the training room. Middle Tower has a height of 147 meter above sea level is used as a water tank with a capacity of one million gallons. Small Tower has 113 meter above sea level. Controls the power that lights the two other towers
During the time of Iraq war, Kuwait towers were severely damaged by Shell firing and bullets.
Failaka Island || National Museum || Entertainment City || Kuwait Towers || Aqua Park || Liberation Tower

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Kuwait_TowersKuwait Tower balls are covered by the Fifty thousand Chinese steel plats in eight different colors. It is opened to the public in weekends from 9:00 am to 23:00 am. The Tower is divided into two parts. First Part: Fixed 120 meters in height. Full rotation every helg an hour. Kuwait Towers Gift Shop, Cafeteria, Snacks and refreshments. And a small conference hall, an ideal place with a seating capacity of 50. It is also considered one of the most luxurious rooms of the towers for reception and provision of welcoming drinks. new service that has been recently introduced and has been a huge success. It provides various menus including all Arab, oriental and western dishes, as well as the possibility of organizing parties outside where necessary.
Failaka Island || National Museum || Entertainment City || Kuwait Towers || Aqua Park || Liberation Tower

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