Kuwait Visa

Like all other countries Kuwait also have strict visa rules, Entry of foreigners are restricted by visa, Gulf cooperation Council [GCC] nationals are exempted from this rule, they have the right to enter and live in Kuwait without visa formalities.

Visa is allowed to foreigners under the sponsorship of Kuwaitis or Kuwaiti Companies or the Foreigners who have a valid residence and are eligible for bringing their dependants.

Mainly two types of Visa Visit Visa and Work Visa
Visit Visa - A person in Kuwait on a visit visa may not take up employment, for which he or she must have a work visa. Duration of the Visa for 90 days: Application Fee is KD 3/-.  The sponsor can fax visa copy to the visitor at the time of arrival sponsor can present the original visa at a special counter in the arrival hall of the Airport.


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Visit Visa

Application for a Visit Visa
Application of Visa must be affixed by KD. 3/- stamp, Application can file any of the Passport office where they reside. To enter Kuwait visitor must be sponsored by a Kuwaiti national or by a Company and Foreigner who has valid residence can also apply for visit visa for their dependents. American Citizen are sometimes given visa without a Kuwaiti Sponsor.
For Corporate visit visa for a business visitor The Application must accompanied by the following documents:-
security form completed by the sponsor, copy of the visitor’s passport & copy of the sponsor’s signature as registered for business purposes & Copy of the letter of invitation from the sponsor to the business visitor stating the purpose of the visit.
Some countries have visa ban are not eligible to apply for visa and some countries has a visa abolition treaty with Kuwait, These nationals require an entry permit. Getting entry permit also have the same procedures as visit visa.


DEPENDENT VISA - Renewal of Dependent Visa


Foreigners who have valid residence and meet minimum salary requirement [Salary requirement of KD.250 per month, before it was KD 400 per month] are eligible to apply a dependent visa for his wife and children to live with him as dependent. If the Son’s age is over 21 can’t sponsor as a dependent, for daughters until marriage, a working woman cannot sponsor her husband as dependent. Dependent visa holders can’t work without transferring their dependent visa to Work visa, transfer is now allowed after one year before this was three years.

Dependent visa will get from the Passport office [Jawazaat] where they are residing. With the application form along with following documents are presented before the authorities:- Copy of the Sponsor’s Salary Certificate, Dependent’s Passport copy, Authorized marriage Certificate or birth Certificate, Sponsors salary Certificate, [affidavit must be prepared from the Native Embassy in Kuwait to prove the marriage/birth and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affixed KD5/- stamp].

Same formalities are applicable of Work visa for dependent visa holders. Medical test and finger print test report the residence fees for each dependent (wife or child) are KD100 in the first year and KD10 a year thereafter. However the fee for a parent is KD200 a year. These charges apply to all expatriate sponsors whether they are working in the public or private sectors.

Dependent Visa can be renewed within three months before the expiry, if more than three months will not accept. If the renewal period include the balance period. For eg:- if your expiry date of the residence is December 31,2010 and you are renewing on 1st of November for a period of 2 years, your residence expiry date must be 31 st December 2012. But in the case of Work Visa, period of the expiry should be the date of renewal to the years of renewal, in the above example it must be 1st November 2012.

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